Artefact excavated from the Saõ Jose Portuguese slave wreck.


Artefacts excavated from the Saõ Jose Portuguese slave wreck.


Underwater photograph of a diver at the Saõ Jose Portuguese slave wreck site.

Historical and Maritime Archaeology Collection

The Historical and Maritime Archaeological Collection is housed at the Iziko Social History Centre. The collection has an extensive variety of artefacts from several sites in and around Cape Town. The artefacts represent 87 land sites as well as 45 shipwrecks sites. 

This includes terrestrial sites as well as under water sites from the 16th to the 20th century incorporating Dutch, British, French and various other nationalities. In the collection, you will find ceramics, glass, metals, timbers, bones and many other types of artefacts.

The collection was generated over several decades by archaeologists working for Iziko or in partnership with Iziko.  Iziko is also a National Repository for archaeological material and a part of the collection was generated through a Cultural Resource Management process. Tours are arranged by special request and the collection is open for bona fide research.  

Jaco Boshoff
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