Silver medal issued by the VOC in commemoration of the services rendered to it by Johannis de Hertog, who had been Commander of the 1689 trading fleet sailing home from the Dutch East Indies. From the Iziko Social History collections.  


Red one-penny triangular pre-paid postage stamp designed by Charles Bell and introduced at the Cape of Good Hope in 1853. From the Iziko Social History collections.  

Numismatics and Philately

The Numismatic Collection includes currencies, tokens, scrip, medals and medallions. The world coin collection ranges from ancient and classical times to the present. Of special interest are the Cape-related coins, including VOC and English coins and the large collection of Swedish plate money, excavated from the Nocobar shipwreck on the Cape coast. There is a world collection of banknotes and a Cape-related scripophilogy (bond and share certificates) collection. The medals and medallions collection consists mainly of pre-Union Cape campaign medals, medals from the First and Second World Wars, commemorative medals and medallions, and Cape-related prize medals.

The Philately Collection is for the most part focused on Cape and South African stamps. Of special interest are the unique A. A. Jurgens collection of Cape postal history, extending back to the early days of the VOC settlement, and the Stephen G. Rich collection of South African inter-provincial and early South African Union stamps.


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