The Courtyard project
Until July 30, 2016

The Courtyard Project - We are building a bigger, better museum for you!

One of the oldest scientific institutions in the southern hemisphere is currently undergoing extensive renovations. During this time some areas and exhibitions may be closed. 

We have embarked on a renovation and upgrade project that will see the museum become a world-class facility, enabling the organisation’s mandate to increase access to the collections.

Following a rethink of how better to serve our visitors, Iziko, through funding from the Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Public Works, has embarked on an ambitious construction project at ISAM. The Courtyard Project consists of the construction of five storeys within the courtyard of ISAM. When completed, this building will house collections, offices and laboratories, as well as give unique behind-the-scenes access to the public to view collections in storage, and Specimen Preparators working on fossils and other specimen. This project is expected to reach completion by late 2016.

This flagship museum offers visitors a space of exploration, discovery and enthrallment. In this space, visitors can learn to better understand the constantly evolving universe we live in; marvel at the biological and cultural diversity of our planet, and contemplate the relationship between ourselves and nature. The upgrade will allow Iziko to share the full extent of our collections with our visitors, and enable us to engage in a more meaningful way with the public.

So, while noise and dust from construction may be a bit of an inconvenience right now, and some of our collections are inaccessible due to building, please be assured that, once completed, we will be able to provide our visitors with first-class facilities aligned to international standards of museology.