Our Triumphs and our Tears and Maligongwe: Let us praise the women
From: July 31, 2008
To: August 30, 2008

"The pivotal role that women played in the struggle for democracy has only recently been recognised. For most of the last century, independent, resourceful and determined female leaders and their followers were on the march demanding their rights. Their continued defiance in the face of persecution and hardship challenged the myth of female subservience. And in the course of the struggle against Apartheid, a new gender consciousness emerged among South African women. This forms the background to two exhibitions which have opened, in partnership with the Apartheid Museum, highlighting the role of women in the struggle against Apartheid.

Our Triumphs and Our Tears: An overview of women’s oppression and resistance in 20th century South Africa.

Malibongwe: Let us praise the women: Photographic portraits of veteran women activists by Gisële Wulfsohn, including Albertina Sisulu, Zainab Asvat, Hilda Bernstein, Jeanie Noel and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela."